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Some people stay away from Extreme Couponing because they think it is either too hard or that they can only do it for food purchases. However, anyone can save money with Extreme Couponing for items of necessity and learn how to free up their budget. For example, by purchasing all their pet’s needs through Extreme Couponing and Savings tactics, they end up freeing their budget up for other areas. The same also rings true for using savings skills on personal items such as deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.

Another important factor for people is to become debt free. The sooner someone is debt free, the more the budget is opened up more important bills and expenses. After a nasty divorce, I ended up owing taxes because of an outstanding school loan from when I was in college. I had no clue that it would come from my taxes! It was a nightmare. Using an agency such as CuraDebt, to receive a free consultation to get help and look at your options is a GREAT RELIEF. It really helps take out the “scary” of owing taxes along with straightening out your mess. You can call 1-877-798-1128 to get a Free Tax Debt Relief Consultation
from CuraDebt if you have $10,000 or more of tax debt. Tax Specialists Are Available
Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm EST.

So, HOW do you Extreme Coupon or get Extreme Savings??? It actually isn’t that hard. Collect coupons for whatever you possible can from where ever you possibly can. It can be for only pet supplies if that is all you feel like doing OR it can be for anything else. Get at least 4 Sunday newspapers every week for coupons, check websites for coupons, go to manufacturers websites for coupons, etc. Then all you do is check sales every week and combine discounts with your coupons. I have found that Target is my FAVORITE store for pet supplies by combining a Target Coupon + Manufacturer Coupon + Cartwheel Deal (mobile app) + Target Red Card + Target Incentives (like getting a gift card for Target instantly at the register for purchasing the product).  I also like Pet Supermarket, but mostly for their Clearance section + Pet Supermarket Coupon + Manufacturer Coupon. WalMart is the LAST place I go to get Extreme Savings, you will save more by avoiding them! I have gotten a few good deals at PetsMart, but they are a bit harder sometimes. PetsMart does offer their Pet Perks card (I LOVE IT) and you can sign up online registering your card which will get you register coupons! Combine those savings techniques altogether with Manufacturer Coupons and come away with some great deals.

Good luck on savings ya’ll !


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We have 2 Basset Hounds here at Freebies for Fido and we LOVE anything with a Basset Hound on it. We also have a snugly, American Cocker Spaniel, who we adore and show off, too. With the, you REALLY DO get the best bang for your buck buying items with your favorite breed promoted on them!

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